Selling Property Photos Mean Everything
Posted by seeljhookerfordetail, 03/12/2018 9:54 am

The photos taken of a property are the seller’s best asset if they wish to stand out from the crowd, generate interest, and get visits to their home. In fact, beautiful photos make all the difference between a property that sells easily and one that hangs on the market for a long time. Thus, to sell quickly, it is essential to have attractive photos and the right property information.

Nowadays, it is very easy to get perfect pictures without paying a penny! This article presents some practical tips, provided by LJ Hooker, to help a seller market their home successfully.

Let there be light

Seasonal depression is something that potential buyers never want to see, so open your home’s curtains and turn on the lights before taking the photos. Although phone cameras are becoming more powerful, low light may reduce the level of visible detail. People do not like dark places, so to ensure the sale of your home, any photos taken must be clear and bright.

One thing to avoid is the effects of a backlight: take note of the best time of the day to photograph each room according to its natural light. As for the camera’s flash, it can be useful depending on the angle of your shots and may help to further illuminate a foreground element that does not benefit from the same brightness. No flash or professional lighting?

Why not take a couple of test pictures by placing incandescent lamps that help illuminate a dark corner? In short, do some tests and make sure the photos are clear because dark photos discourage buyers.

Present an overview of each room

Each buyer wants to have an idea of the size of the property they are interested in, not the furniture! Too often, people tend to photograph only the bath in the bathroom or the bed in the bedroom. What a buyer needs to realize is that they sell is their house – not the furniture.

Take pictures in spots that allow you to focus on the great parts of the house. Remember, selling property is not easy but successful if the buyer has a plan.

Put everything in order

Just as the buyer probably has no interest in the seller’s furniture, their belongings should not appear in the photos they take either. A trinket, a bunch of colorful flowers, or a trendy pillow can make the difference between a dull or vivid photo. However, personal objects or crowded spaces can destroy the deal. For more information, visit LJHooker today.

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